An Azjol-Nerub Guild


Grats Asceline!


Heroic Zon’ozz

CBH 1st 25 Heroic Zon’ozz 3/28/2012

Light’s Out. Buttons Pushed. Heroic Ultraxion Down!

CBH 1st 25 Heroic Ultraxion 3/1/2012

Hey guys, guess what color it is! Purple! Purple purple purple!

CBH 1st 25 Heroic Yor’sahj 2/15/2012

Grats Ominae – Fangs of the Father

Congratulations to Ominae – CBH 1st Legendary Fangs of the Father 2/2/12

Heroic Hagara

CBH 1st 25 Heroic Hagara 2/1/2012

Divide and Conquer

CBH 1st 25 Heroic Morchok 1/3/2012

Deathwing go down da hooooooooole

CBH 1st 25 Madness of Deathwing 12/15/2011

Shot Through the Heart and We’re to Blame!

CBH 1st 25 Spine of Deathwing 12/8/2011

Lootship 2.0 Sunk

CBH 1st 25 Warmaster Blackhorn 12/7/2011

Ultraxon…Ultraxian…Ultraxion? Whatever. He’s dead.

CBH 1st 25 Ultraxion 12/1/2011

Hagara Stormbinder

CBH is bad at taking screenshots. So here’s some cute instead.
CBH 1st 25 Hagara Stormbinder 11/30/2011

Shhhhh He’s sleeping.

CBH 1st 25 Yor’Sahj the Unsleeping 11/30/2011

Scar Pong: CBH vs Zon’ozz

CBH 1st 25 Zon’ozz 11/29/2011

We were told there was a boss here. We were misled.

CBH 1st 25 Morchok 11/29/2011

Heroic Baleroc Dead. Crotch Shot FTW.

CBH 1st 25H Baleroc 11/17/2011

Heroic Majordomo Staghelm

CBH 1st 25H Majordomo Staghelm 10/27/2011

Oops We Did It Again

Svo Obtains Legendary. Now Taking Bets on Date of /gquit

Svo Gets his Legendary 10/6/2011

Turkey Day Preparations Started Early This Year. Heroic Alysrazor be Dead!

CBH 1st 25H Alysrazor 10/6/2011

Heroic Beth’Tilac

CBH 1st 25H Beth’Tilac 10/4/2011

Valiona and Theralion Hard mode down 4/21/11

Photobucket CBH first Valiona and Theralion hard mode kill! I’m running out witty stuff to put in our titles X_x.. but look at that screenshot! yeea

Magmaw heroic farm status!

Photobucket CBH first Magmaw Hard mode kill 4/7/11. Probably our best screenshot to date (Taken by Kerbouchard). I was sick the week of this kill so I couldn’t take it, I was photoshopped in though.. and that is all that was photoshopped.

Saffo’s Eviscerate crits Maloriak for 9900 (25102) overkill.

Photobucket CBH’s first Maloriak Hard mode 25 Kill 03/17/11! Everyone brought the massive AoE the quick purges ridiculous healing and laser focus. Well done folks we are now slayers of all things stupid and minion like.

When a raiders great reflexes aren’t enough.. you get a mod!

CBH’s first Atramedes Hard mode 25 Kill 03/03/11! Killed on our 3rd attempt of the night! Special thanks to our hunter Rondon for making the searing flame mechanic trivial.

Chimaeron massacred by overwhelming tree force!

CBH’s first Chimaeron Hard Mode 25 Kill 02/23/11! CAN I GET A TREE DEATH?! BAAHGLGLGLURR!

Halfus the first victim of CBH Hard modes.. Many more to come!

CBH first Halfus 25 Hard Mode Kill 02/22/11! woot woot!

Clan Battlehammer finally breaks wind!

CBH first Ala’kir 25 Kill 02/17/11! MYAH!

Blast novas down!.. Oh and Nef too!

CBH first Nefarian 25 Kill 01/29/11! Saturday night 25man raids are a rarity but when you are close to a kill you gotta pull out the stops. Great effort from everyone putting up with all the p2 wipes

Nefer again!

CBH first 10 Nefarian kill! After 53 wipes, 53 sets of TURNING… TURNING BACK.. Nef finally died. Solid effort from everyone including Immersion who couldn’t make it the night of kill but defiantly put in the time.

Thanks Cho’gall for giving us a chance to perfect our screenshot form.

First CBH Cho’gall 25 kill

Captain Planet forgot about heart. Ascendant Council Down!

First CBH Ascendant Council 25 kill

Finkle Einhorn is THE MAN. Chimaeron down!

First CBH Chimaeron 25 kill