An Azjol-Nerub Guild


Clam Battlehammer Murdered some Emperor named Will or something…Heroically!

Brewmaster Samples Hidden Stash; Talks to Tree

Grats Asceline!


Heroic Zon’ozz

CBH 1st 25 Heroic Zon’ozz 3/28/2012

Light’s Out. Buttons Pushed. Heroic Ultraxion Down!

CBH 1st 25 Heroic Ultraxion 3/1/2012

Hey guys, guess what color it is! Purple! Purple purple purple!

CBH 1st 25 Heroic Yor’sahj 2/15/2012

Grats Ominae – Fangs of the Father

Congratulations to Ominae – CBH 1st Legendary Fangs of the Father 2/2/12

Heroic Hagara

CBH 1st 25 Heroic Hagara 2/1/2012

Glory of the Cataclysm Raider Drakes


Divide and Conquer

CBH 1st 25 Heroic Morchok 1/3/2012

Deathwing go down da hooooooooole

CBH 1st 25 Madness of Deathwing 12/15/2011

Shot Through the Heart and We’re to Blame!

CBH 1st 25 Spine of Deathwing 12/8/2011

Lootship 2.0 Sunk

CBH 1st 25 Warmaster Blackhorn 12/7/2011

Ultraxon…Ultraxian…Ultraxion? Whatever. He’s dead.

CBH 1st 25 Ultraxion 12/1/2011

Hagara Stormbinder

CBH is bad at taking screenshots. So here’s some cute instead.
CBH 1st 25 Hagara Stormbinder 11/30/2011

Shhhhh He’s sleeping.

CBH 1st 25 Yor’Sahj the Unsleeping 11/30/2011

Scar Pong: CBH vs Zon’ozz

CBH 1st 25 Zon’ozz 11/29/2011

We were told there was a boss here. We were misled.

CBH 1st 25 Morchok 11/29/2011

Heroic Baleroc Dead. Crotch Shot FTW.

CBH 1st 25H Baleroc 11/17/2011

Heroic Majordomo Staghelm

CBH 1st 25H Majordomo Staghelm 10/27/2011

Oops We Did It Again

Svo Obtains Legendary. Now Taking Bets on Date of /gquit

Svo Gets his Legendary 10/6/2011

Turkey Day Preparations Started Early This Year. Heroic Alysrazor be Dead!

CBH 1st 25H Alysrazor 10/6/2011

Heroic Beth’Tilac

CBH 1st 25H Beth’Tilac 10/4/2011